Standard tubing and special tubing – with tube bends from Ø15 mm to Ø508 mm

Our expert know-how and versatile machinery allow us to offer both series manufacturing and special orders. Complex tube bends are our speciality, so we are often able to deliver complicated solutions when others have given up.

Versatile production

GMF A/S has a versatile production of cold mandrel bent tubing that we manufacture in black steel and stainless steel.

Our production output is usually serial manufacture, with a standard 90° bend as our most popular product. We are also perfectly happy making special orders to customers’ own specifications even if this means the production of a single one-off item. Our tube bends are adapted to the specific application and produced in the material that is most suitable for the particular environment where they are to be used.

Tubing – with tube bends from Ø15 mm to Ø508
GMF's delivery times are often short.
GMF's delivery times are often short.

Delivery times

Our delivery times are often short because we keep a selection of the most standard tubing in stock in a variety of grades and diameters. When combined with our extensive stock of tools and dies, this means that we are often able to fulfil orders in just a few days.

Bends for special assignments may take longer to produce, such as if the preparation of a special die is required.

High grade steel

GMF A/S processes 7.000 tons of steel every year.

We work together with Europe’s leading steelworks to achieve optimum security of delivery and ensure compliance with applicable standards and norms.

Tubing – with tube bends from Ø15 mm to Ø508

Standard tubing

Some of our customers order tubing bends from our standard range on an ongoing basis. This includes:

90° bend with leg and diameter from 26.9 to 508.0 mm
45° or 90° junctions with diameters from 26.9 to 219.1 mm
Short 90° steel tube bend without leg for welding
Standard Z-bends with diameters 26.9 to 219.1 mm

Special tubing

We have the necessary expertise, machinery, tools and dies to also supply tubing with bends to our customers’ specifications. If your task requires a die that we do not currently have in our inventory, we are happy to build it.

One of our specialities is tubing bends with more than one bend.

Special tubing


We manufacture in both black steel and stainless steel graded according to EN, ASTM and ANSI standards. Our employees have many years of expert experience and are happy to advise you about the right choice of materials for specific applications.

Examples of steel grades

EN10217-1, EN10217-2, EN10217-3, EN10217-7, EN10216-2, EN10216-3, EN10216-4 og EN10216-5

Examples of steel types

Black steel
P235GH, P235TR1, P235TR2, P265GH, P355N, P195GH, 16Mo3, L360NB, L360MB

Stainless steel
EN1.4301, EN1.4307, EN1.4404, EN1.4432, EN1.4435, EN1.4541, EN1.4571, AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 316TI, Sandvik SAF

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