Cold mandrel bent tubing for all industries

GMF A/S tubing is used in a wide variety of industries and for a wide variety of applications.

Common to them all is that our customers achieve savings of time and economy by using cold mandrel bent tubing while also contributing to reduced CO2 emissions.

GMF A/S supplies customers throughout Europe.

Regardless of their specific industries, our customers value our ability to supply the tubing they need when they need it.

We are also proud of our contribution towards the ability of our customers to compete; by delivering on time, to the dimensions and specific quality that is appropriate for their applications. With full documentation and traceability – at a competitive price.

GMF A/S supplies customers throughout Europe.

98% reduction of CO2 footprint

A report published by the Danish Technological Institute shows that cold mandrel bending provides CO2 reductions of as much as 98% by comparison with hot bending process that involve welding.

This tubing is typically used in the following industries:

Koldbukkede rør til energisektoren

The energy sector

We contribute towards continued sustainable development by supplying the energy sector throughout Europe with cold mandrel bent tubing as we have been doing since 1992

Koldbukkede rør til fremstillingsindustrien

Manufacturing industry

We satisfy companies’ requirements for tubing with complex bends as components to produce a wide variety of different products

Koldbukkede rør til petrokemi


We supply tubing in grades that can cope with factors such as aggressive liquids, changing temperatures and the impact of the weather

Koldbukkede rør til bygge- og anlægsbranchen

Construction industry

We supply standard and special tubing to the construction industry, without unnecessary lead times and to the quality and dimensions required

Koldbukkede rør til Offshore


We assure compliance with the tough durability requirements of the offshore industry, with documented quality and full traceability as par for the course

Koldbukkede rør til skibsværfter


We can bend large diameter tubing in materials that are able to resist harsh maritime conditions

Would you also like to save time, costs and CO2 by using cold mandrel bent tubing?
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